OPINION: Ashiwaju! A tale of Yoruba betrayals..

Ashiwaju! A tale of Yoruba betrayals.. In Yoruba language Ashiwaju means ‘the one in front’ The Yorubas throughout history have always had ‘the one in front that those behind rally round. This was even how the Yorubas emerged as a tribe when they all rallied round Oduduwa the man in front. The first Ashiwaju of […]


OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT-ELECT, GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI FROM CITIZENS UNITED FOR PEACE AND SECURITY ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE OF YOBE STATE. Your Excellency, This is the first open letter we wrote to address you. How we wish that our first open letter to you is on matters relating to good governance at national level. […]

Ayo Fayose Declared Governor Elect Ekiti..

By: Abiodun Abidoye NIGERIA: Ayo Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party having fulfilled the requirements of the law and got the highest vote in yesterdays governorship election in Ekiti state, South West, Nigeria is the winner and returned elected. A tabulated format of the result will be provided by the electoral commission later. Source: INEC […]