Epicenters of Coronavirus Cases in Africa

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MOST AFFECTED COUNTRIES IN AFRICA South Africa Egypt Nigeria Algeria STATISTICS These countries account for 53% of the total cases on the continent.AFRICA COVID-19 DATA Total number of confirmed cases 157,375 Total number of active cases 85,779 Total number of recoveries 67,101 Total number of deaths 4,495 Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye

Africa Covid-19 Tracker: Epicenters

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AFRICA COVID-19 CASES The continent is seeing a continuous increase in the number of cases as well as a good recovery rate. The number of fatalities currently standing at 3792 as Egypt records the highest number of deaths currently at 845. The number of cases on the continent is 129 683 and the number of… Continue reading Africa Covid-19 Tracker: Epicenters

Covid-19 Cases in Africa: Data & Statistics

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AFRICA COVID-19 CASES Since the first case of coronavirus was detected in Egypt, there has been an upsurge in different regions of the continent. North Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa have been the most hit as 6 countries from these regions cumulatively account for almost 50% of the continents COVID-19 cases. Egypt recorded 23%… Continue reading Covid-19 Cases in Africa: Data & Statistics