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Gauteng Covid-19 Cases on the Rise

In just over a week Gauteng recorded an increase of 6% in the number of Coronavirus cases in South Africa with current statistics reflecting a total 20% of positive cases recorded nationwide.
On the 11th of June, the total number of confirmed cases recorded in Gauteng was 7,953 compared to the data made available on the 19th for Gauteng recording 17,261 cases. An increase of almost 10,000 cases in just over a week.
  • Total number of tests conducted 1,260,434
  • Total number of positive cases 87,715
  • Total number of recoveries 47,825
  • Total number of deaths 1,831
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Level 3 Restrictions Amendment Amid Surge in SA Covid-19 Cases

In an address by President Ramaphosa on Wednesday where he announced the inclusion of certain economic activities permissible in the current level 3 lockdown restrictions. These amended restrictions also referred to as Advanced level 3 lockdown will see the following activities and businesses commence in earnest ;
man swinging golf club facing grass field
Photo by Jopwell
  • Restaurants for ‘sit-down’ meals.
  • Accredited and licensed accommodation, with the exception of Air BnB
  • Conferences and meetings for business purposes with exception to exhibitions.
  • Casinos, cinemas and theatres.
  • Personal care services such as hairdressing salons and nail studios.
  • Non-contact sports including golf, tennis and cricket.
  • Contact sports will be allowed only for training and modified activities with restricted use of facilities.
Safety requirements will need to be in place before a business can re-open, and protocols adhered to for businesses to remain open the president added.
  • Total number of tests conducted 1,228,098
  • Total number of positive cases 83,890
  • Total number of recoveries 44,920
  • Total number of deaths 1,737
According to data made available by the National Department of Health, the age distribution of deaths shows that persons between the ages of 50 and 69 make up 51.3% of total deaths while those between Infancy and the age of 29 account for 1.9% of total deaths. The percentage of deaths from ages 30 to 49 accounts for 18.9% of total deaths and 27.4% of deaths from ages 70 to 99 years old.
Compiled by Abiodun Abidoye for Africa Online News a Top 20 News Website to follow in South Africa
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