Ethiopia’s federal forces on final phase of law enforcement operation

The 72 hours window to surrender given by the Ethiopian federal government to the regional Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) has expired. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a statement released 26th November directed the federal forces to carry out a third and final onslaught as they uphold the rule of law in Ethiopia. The Prime […]

Africa’s resistance against European Imperialism – The Battle of Adwa

Africa’s resistance against European Imperialism – The Battle of Adwa Exactly one hundred and twenty-four years ago on the 1st of March 1896, the Ethiopian army of Emperor Menelik II and Italian forces clashed in Adwa about 1000 km north of Addis Ababa. This victory ensured the sovereignty of Ethiopia against an Italian conquest geared towards […]

The first shot of the South African War

The republicans issued a forty eight hours ultimatum to the British forces with the conditions not to interfere in its internal affairs, resolution of any dispute only by arbitration, withdrawal of troops from borders and embargo on all reinforcement at land and sea anywhere in South Africa. October 9th 1899 President Paul Kruger with his […]