EU: Africa Hackathon looking for participants and partners to jumpstart cross-continent innovation

“Cooperation between African and European scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs can make a decisive contribution, not only to defeat the pandemic, but crucially also to accelerate economic recovery. This hackathon will make an important contribution to enable such partnerships and it is, thus, an initiative, South Africa is delighted to support.”Dr. Blade Nzimande, SA Minister Higher Education, Science and Innovation

Virus Pandemic: Data & Statistics from South Africa

The total number of tests conducted in South Africa is currently reported as (2,422,741) two million four hundred and twenty-two thousand seven hundred and forty-one. The number of positively identified cases are (350,879) three hundred and fifty thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine. The recovery numbers reported are (182,230) one hundred and eighty-two thousand two hundred […]

Virus Pandemic Update in SA

Revised Level 3 Restrictions Curfew from 9 pm to 4 am Family visits not permitted Compulsory wearing of Face-mask Immediate suspension of Alcohol sale Data & Statistics Total number of tests conducted 2 154 391 Total number of Confirmed Cases 276 242 Total number of recoveries 134 874 Total number of deaths 4079 Compiled by […]