South Africa apex court jails ex-president..

South Africa’s Former President Jacob Zuma sentenced to fifteen months direct imprisonment after being found guilty of ‘contempt of court’. Former President Zuma refused to testify at a judicial commission of Inquiry he set up to investigate allegations of state capture. The court gave the former president five calendar days to submit himself to the… Continue reading South Africa apex court jails ex-president..

Nigeria committed to confronting instability

INSECURITY From the Sahel region, sophisticated herdsmen with AK47s have infiltrated the traditional herdsmen who carry sticks and machete to guide their cattle along the grazing routes within Nigeria. Fulani from Mauritania and Fulani from the Central African Republic are the same. The governors are advised to gather intelligence using the old system. Native authorities… Continue reading Nigeria committed to confronting instability

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Reasons for Twitter ban in Nigeria

Following the removal of President Buhari’s tweet where he referred to the Nigerian civil war which lasted for 30 months killing over a million. He warned those supporting the breakdown of law and order while destroying critical federal government infrastructures that they will be treated in the language that they understand. Twitter is also been… Continue reading Reasons for Twitter ban in Nigeria